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111F Foaming Biochemical Odor Neutralizer

Combination Odor Control for Solid Waste & Wastewater Applications

BIOSTREME™ 111F FOAMING MICRONUTRIENT CONCENTRATE provides a convenient solution to manage surfaces where noxious odors are generated.

BioStreme™ 111F is applied with a foaming applicator to visibly coat problem surfaces. The penetrating foam soaks into trash room floors, bins and other problem surfaces, allowing the micronutrients to direct the microbiology of the decomposing organic matter.

This topical formulation is an elegantly simple solution to odor problems originating from tipping floors, storage bins, and plant equipment surfaces. The foaming micronutrient blend can also provide effective visible coverage of lagoons and solid waste working faces.

Technical Profile

  • This product attacks odor in three ways. The foaming application visibly blankets the surface ensuring even distribution, the BioStreme™ micronutrient blend manages the odor-producing biological processes at their source, and a powerful contact deodorizer provides immediate odor relief for long term treatment.
  • BioStreme™ is a micronutrient formulation which employs a natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable blend of amino acids, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, purines, pyrimidines, and complex organic extracts that aid in organic decomposition without producing odorous byproducts. It is completely safe to handle and use, and employs no enzymes, bacteria or hazardous chemicals.

Usage Instructions

  • Topical Spray Application: Apply direct to problem surfaces or waste materials using a foaming applicator. HydraLogic recommends the HydroFoamerTM.

Application Rate:

  • Set HydroFoamerTM to 1 part concentrate to 25 parts water.
  • Eliminates Soaked-In Odor Sources

  • Controls Noxious Odors

  • Reduces Clean-Up Time and Costs

  • Natural & Biodegradable

  • Safe & Non Toxic

Application Sites

  • Landfill Sites
  • Transfer Stations
  • Compost Operations
  • Recycling Centres
  • Wastewater Facilities
  • Commercial Properties
  • Apartments & Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores

Application Areas

  • Tipping Floors & Pits
  • Weigh Scales
  • Driveways & Loading Areas
  • Trash and Compactor Rooms
  • Haulage Vehicles
  • Ponds/Lagoons
Package Options
300-016 4 x 4L Bottles/Case 36lbs
300-020 20L Pail 50lbs
300-205 205L Drum 500lbs
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