Odor Control

Often a by-product of the decomposition of organic (living) matter, odor frequently occurs when living cells die. The cells attract bacteria, which break down the dead tissue. This natural process, known as decomposition, produces unpleasant smelling gases as an interim by-product. CARE's Ecolo Air Solution's quickly react with odor-causing matter, eliminating the problem at the source.

Odor control applications are common in trash rooms, trash chutes, compactors, back rooms, restrooms, recycling centers, garbage trucks, sewer treatment plants, and transfer stations. CARE solves these problems, helping property owners or site managers keep their value high, and complaints low. We provide odor control solutions with worldwide expertise and best-in-class products, using HLS Ecolo systems.

Metered Atomizing Misting Station
Metered Atomizing Misting Station

ECOLO Air Solutions are 100% natural, meaning no hazardous chemicals, no ozone-depleting CFCs, and no aerosols. In fact, ECOLO Air Solutions are made from the customized blending of essential oils of plant extracts. They have been rigorously evaluated around the world and have been certified as non-toxic. Their safety has also been confirmed by independent laboratory testing.

Metered Atomizing Misting Stations. The heart of the HLS Ecolo odor atomizing system.

The LCU in combination with various satellite units atomizing air solution is recommended for neutralizing odors in garbage rooms & chutes, loading docks, storage areas, HVAC / ventilation systems, industrial facilities, exhaust air, in addition to other odorous areas.

Foaming Systems. A foaming biochemical odor neutralizer.

This system is a solution for a odor control in solid waste & wastewater applications.

Biostreme™ 111F foaming micronutrient concentrate provides a convenient solution to manage surfaces where noxious odors are generated. It is applied with a foaming applicator to visibly coat problem surfaces. The penetrating foam soaks into trash room floors, bins, and other problem surfaces, allowing the micronutrients to direct the microbiology of the decomposing organic matter.

This topical formulation is an elegantly simple solution to odor problems, originating from tipping floors, storage bins, and plant equipment surfaces. The foaming micronutrient blend can also provide effective visible coverage of lagoons and solid waste working faces. The product attacks odor in three ways. The foaming application visibly blankets the surface, ensuring even distribution, the Biostreme™ micronutrient blend manages the odor-producing biological processes at their source, and a powerful contact deodorizer provides immediate odor relief for long term treatment.

Biostreme™ is a micronutrient formulation which employs a natural, non-toxic, and a biodegradable blend of amino acids, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, purines, pyrimidines, and complex organic extracts that aid in organic decomposition without producing odorous byproducts. It is completely safe to handle and use, and employs no enzymes, bacteria or hazardous chemicals.

Industrial Waste Systems. Concentrated deodorizer for airborne and surface and odor management.

Airstreme HL 451 is an environmentally friendly contact deodorizer, formulated from a blend of essential oils, surfactants, and aromatics. The product contains no alcohols, and is non-hazardous, non-flammable, and completely bio-degradable. Its powerful deodorizing agents are water soluble, making it a highly versatile product for both topical and airborne odor control. It provides relief from acidic odors of sulfides and mecaptans, and for ammonia or ammine nitrogen-based odors.

This concentrated liquid can be safely applied directly to problem surfaces for immediate relief. Or, it can be diluted in water for spraying, misting, and fogging applications that eliminate odors in areas where wastes or waste by-products accumulate or are stored. AirStreme HL 451 can also be mixed directly into wastewater and standing liquids to control storage basin, lagoon, or holding tank odors.

Solid Waste Systems. Odor eliminating technology convert odor molecules into non-volatile compounds.

AirSolution 9204 counteractant is a complex blend of essential oils, odiferous organic compounds found in plants. AirSolution 9204 works through the process of odor counteraction to reduce odor complaints. The odor counteraction is a series of absorption and decomposition process, converting odor molecules into non-volatile compounds. This reduces both their odor concentration and intensity. AirSolution 9204 is optimized to eliminate the odors created by solid waste, industrial, and metals processing operations. It is non-toxic and non-corrosive in nature, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. This product is safe to handle. Just fog or spray in areas where there will be human contact.

This solution is normally used for landfills, transfer stations, food waste, waste-to-energy, municipal waste water plants, manufacturing sites, solvent odor generations, metal casting, metal coating, asphalt, frp and resins, paint booths, exhaust stacks, roof and wall fan discharges, and processing areas.

Ventilation Systems. Provides both ventilation and odor control for point source areas.

The QCID™ system (Quick-Contact-In-Duct) features a contact time of 0.3 seconds. The system has the smallest footprint of any comparable odor control system and is an excellent choice when space is limited. This system is designed to use NuTech's Chi-X® or DeAmine™ Odor Eliminators. The targeted odors are oxidized organic odors for applications with fairly consistent odor loading.

Seasonal variation in ventilation requirements are accommodated by the use of a two-speed, or variable speed, fan motor. Fabricated from stainless steel, the QCID™ system can be supplied in sizes from 1,000 to 8,000 cfm for situations where the total static pressure requirement is 3.5" or less. Custom designed, the QCID™ is built to handle any needed air inlet and outlet configuration. Systems are typically floor mounted. However, mounting options are available to fit the site. Installation costs average 10 to 20% of the capital costs.

With a QCID™, NuTech guarantees odor reduction at the discharge stack to 200 odor units or less (D/T), with Butanol intensity of 3 or less. Butanol intensities as low as 1 are possible. Plus, effectiveness on hydrogen sulfide is limited to 1 ppm. If H2S levels exceed one ppm, companion treatment for H2S should be considered.

You can find out more about CARE's ECOLO Odor Control Maintenance System program on the Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning Programs page or by clicking here.

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