Trash Chute System: More Detail

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Chute Material

Chutes handling general household or office waste should be made of not lighter than 16 ga. aluminized steel or stainless steel.

Intake Doors

Typical 15" wide x 18" high, hand operated hopper type intake doors, self-closing, self-latching, noiseless, bottom hinged with 1-1/2 hour ‘UL’ label; maximum 30-minute 250° F temperature rise. Entire door (front & back panels and skirt) in stainless steel finish with ADA compliant lever handle with lock and two keys. MEA Labeled for New York City. Patent Pending


The Accordion Fire Damper spring loaded discharge bears a 1-1/2 hour ‘UL’ label and is held open by a 165° fusible link assembly. This door is intended to provide smoke and fire protection to the chute riser and is not designed to perform as a shut off gate.


Full diameter vent of same gauge as chute extending minimum of 3 feet (per NFPA) above roof with metal safety cap.

Floor Frames

Standard floor frames are 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 3/16" steel angle 12" longer than the chute diameter.

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Standard Accessories

1/2" NPT sprinkler and 3/4" NPT flushing heads above top intake. Additional 1/2" sprinkler heads at alternate intakes and at first intake as required by NFPA code.

Chute Construction

Chute sections shall be fully factory assembled with all joints welded. There shall be a minimum of one expansion joint per floor and a flush interior assembled without bolts, rivets or clips. The intake door and frame shallbe adjustable and securely fastened to the intake throats that are formed as an integral part of the chute section. Chute throat shall have a standard dimension of 10". Larger throats built to accommodate special job conditions. Chute shall be straight and plumb with no offset.

Trash Chute Dimensions

Intake Door Sizes *

*Nominal Sizes (Compatible with other manufacturers’ chutes).
Custom door sizes available upon request - contact us for information.


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