A baler is typically used as a production machine and frequently an income producer. Balers should be sized and sited to process a certain amount of product or material within a given time. The type, volume, condition of the material being baled, and available space will determine the right baler for you. Gain the benefit of professional assistance at no cost or obligation by contacting a CARE representative.

Vertical Balers. When it comes to baling, the vertical baler is the most popular and widely used model in the country.

These balers range in sizes from 36" bale width to 72" bale width and the size of the baler, and material being baled, will influence the weight of the bale. Ranging in size of bales produced, the vertical baler can be used for a variety of applications. Common uses for a verical baler are for cardboard, hard plastic, aluminum cans, some metals, paper, p.e.t. bottles, rags, plastic film, grocery outlets, hotels, shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, retail outlets, warehouses, distribution centers, department stores, recycling centers, hospitals

Typical sizes/models are:

  • 36" model with a bale size of 36"W x 24"D x 28"H and an average weight of 150 Lbs.
  • 42" model with a bale size of 42"W x 30"D x 48"H and an average weight of 750 Lbs.
  • 46" model with a bale size of 46"W x 30"D x 48"H and an average weight of 750 Lbs.
  • 60" model with a bale size of 60"W x 30"D x 48"H and an average weight of 800-1000 Lbs.
  • 72" model with a bale size of 72"W x 30"D x 48"H and an average weight of 1200 Lbs.

Horizontal Balers. For baling large volumes of material.

When baling large volumes of material the proper type and size of baler is critical. The piling up of material and creating the slowing or stopping of production lines can be costly. Horizontal balers are designed to handle large volumes, make dense bales, and be automated for labor reduction and safety.

Horizontal Balers are designed for ease of installation, operation and maintenance and most balers can operate manually or automatically with photo electric cell control. The Cram-A-Lot HE-60 is ideal for warehouses, users baling waste paper, corrugated, newsprint, office white, plastics, foam rubber, light aluminum and other recyclables without pre-conditioning or fluffing required.

Drum Crusher Balers. Reduce your old drum to a fraction of its size saving you space.

Barrels and drums that require disposal take up more room than needed and can increase your disposal costs. With the correct drum crusher you can reduce your old drum to a fraction of its size saving you space, make it easier to handle, and reduce your disposal cost.

Drum Crushers are designed to eliminate the storage required for bulky drums, focused on saving storage space. Drum crushers can reduce bulky 55 gallon drums to 1/6th their original size, producing an easy to handle disk. Several models feature an optional press head, which allows the operator to compact waste or other material inside of a drum, helping to reduce disposal cost and more efficiently manage waste and recyclables.

Baling Wire. Providing easy handling for stacking on pallets.

These balers are designed for baling light volumes of P.E.T. and H.D.P.E. containers, aluminum cans, and computer paper.



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