Here are common questions that some of our visitors ask. If your answer isn’t found below, just give us a call.

What is your guarantee?

This one’s easy. We guarantee our team, our service, and our products period. CARE provides the best experience in the waste equipment industry and we stand by our guarantee for service, products, and CARE of our customers! Our new products additionally come with a factory warranty and option to extend the term.

We have or need waste equipment, but don’t have the staffing to perform the ongoing service and maintenance needed. What do we do?

CARE provides several maintenance plans for most products, ongoing maintenance, and service availability (both routine and emergency). Please see our Service and Maintenance page for more information.

There seems to be a lot of specification requirements for the chute systems. How do we design one for our property?

The CARE team will work with GCs to accurately spec and quote the right chute for your property. Just call us at 503-594-6900 for help.

How do I begin the pricing process and selection for our waste equipment?

Just call us at 503-594-6900 or send a web request. A CARE team member will contact you, determine your needs, and provide the right equipment and quote options.

Where would we put equipment like this?

A good site survey will tell us how much capacity you will need. This will help us determine how much space is required.

Is this equipment noisy? We would worry that it will be too loud for resident or neighboring properties.

Compactors are no more noisy than a typical vacuum cleaner when in the same proximity.

Doesn’t this trash collection equipment smell?

A properly maintained compactor is much less smelly than typical open top containers. If door seal on a self-contained is maintained, the compactor is hauled when necessary and rinsed out prior to return, bacteria growth and therefore smell is controlled.
You can find out more about odor control on the CARE Odor Control page, which contains valuable solutions to this issue. In addition, please visit the Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning Programs page to find out more about CARE’s Odor Control Maintenance System.

What if someone falls in or climbs in the compactor?

Compactors are manufactured in compliance of ANSI Standards. ‘Pitch-In’ height is maintained above 42” or there is an interlocked access that will not allow the ram to move unless access points are closed. In addition, multi-family housing typically has locking doors to prevent unauthorized or accidental access. ANSI requires labeling that states no one under the age of 18 is allowed to operate this equipment. Many commercial sites have chute access, Walk-In Security houses, or interlocked access gates.

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