CARE offers the largest selection of high-quality equipment for solid waste and recycling materials. We offer self-contained compactors, stationary compactors, apartment compactors, front load compactors (mini compactors), trash chutes, cart tippers, and specialty equipment available to rent or purchase. Our experienced team works with client’s from design to installation and preventative maintenance.

Trash/Linen/Debris Chutes

Linen, debris, and trash chutes are efficient and convenient disposal systems designed to streamline waste management in various settings. Linen chutes are commonly found in hotels and hospitals, allowing for the easy and hygienic disposal of used linens and clothing. Debris chutes, often seen at construction sites, provide a safe means to remove construction and demolition waste from upper floors to a designated collection point. Trash chutes, frequently utilized in residential and commercial buildings, enable residents and tenants to dispose of household or office trash effortlessly. These chutes are designed for cleanliness, odor control, and safety, making waste disposal more convenient and maintaining a cleaner environment.


Trash compactors offer numerous benefits, including reduced disposal costs, improved waste management efficiency, and a smaller environmental footprint by minimizing the number of trips to the landfill or incinerator.

There are several types of compactors and all are customizable to fit your unique needs. Using a thorough site inspection and analysis, CARE can get you just the right product.

Industrial Trash Compactors: These heavy-duty machines are used in commercial and industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and waste management facilities. They can handle large volumes of waste, including bulky items like cardboard boxes and pallets.

Apartment and Multi-Unit Compactors: These compactors are designed for use in apartment complexes, office buildings, and other multi-unit settings. They help centralize waste collection and reduce the need for frequent pickups.

Self-Contained Compactors: These units are often used in settings with wet waste, like restaurants and hospitals. They come with an integrated container and are sealed to prevent leakage and odors.

Stationary Compactors: Stationary compactors are fixed in place and are commonly used for large volumes of waste generated at manufacturing plants and distribution centers. They are emptied by roll-off trucks.


Industrial balers come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different materials, production volumes, and space constraints. Some common types of balers include vertical balers (suitable for smaller operations and lower volumes), horizontal balers (ideal for larger materials and higher volumes), and two-ram balers (combining the advantages of vertical and horizontal designs). CARE can help you best decide the proper baler for your particular operation.


Commercial waste and recycling carts are indispensable tools for businesses aiming to manage their waste and recycling operations efficiently and responsibly. Their durable construction, size options, segregation features, and user-friendly design make them an essential part of any commercial waste management strategy, contributing to cleaner, more sustainable, and environmentally conscious practices in the business sector.



VAPOR-TEC Air Treatment

BIO-KEY Foam Application

BIN BALLS Granular Sprinkle